Boost your productivity by thoroughly unloading each truckload and getting trucks back on the road fast.

There’s nothing more frustrating than tilting the truck bed and standing there because the material has compacted and your cargo won’t budge. Martin Engineering’s truck vibrators get bulk materials moving quickly and thoroughly by energizing the load and breaking the friction between particles. That means you can unload truck loads faster and get drivers back on the road more quickly.

In addition to our electric truck vibrators, we also offer hydraulic vibrators capable of delivering more power relative to the size of the unit, as well as low-noise options for use at indoor unloading facilities. For spreader trucks, these products will help you unload your cargo evenly.

Our technicians and engineers are available to provide expert advice and assistance on these products and all of your bulk material handling questions and problems. Please contact us today and let us help!

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Industrial Waste Truck Manufacturer Increases Productivity With Truck Vibrators
Manufacturer of industrial vacuum loaders, hydroexcavators and sewer cleaners needs solution for Off-loading of industrial waste from these vehicles. It can be a difficult task as stubborn materials don't always completely empty from the load. Vactor Manufacturing uses four different models of Cougar® truck vibrators to assist in the off-loading of industrial waste.
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Truck Vibrator Prevents Clogging In Turf Sweeper Screens
GreensGroomer had problems with one of their turf sweepers returning material back onto the turf. With powerful, dual Cougar® DC Truck Vibrators in the collection baskets, any infill material that is collected is quickly returned to the field making the removal of unwanted debris from synthetic turf, easier and more efficient.
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Truck Vibrator Increases Worker Safety
Manlius Township was finding that truck drivers carrying road salt for melting winter snow and ice were having difficulty getting the entire load to empty out of the truck bed. This not only delayed the drivers in effectively spreading the material to improve road safety, but it also encouraged drivers to engage in potential unsafe activities, such as climbing into the truck bed to shovel out the remaining material.
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