Eliminate fugitive material and carryback completely with a high-performance secondary cleaner.

Martin Engineering’s secondary cleaners are installed at the point where the belt leaves the discharge pulley to remove any residual amounts of material that the primary cleaner left on the belt. Typically, a secondary cleaner is installed against a roller close enough to the primary cleaner that the material is returned to the main material stream. Additional secondary cleaners can be added for final cleaning.

Like the primary belt cleaners, these products are highly durable and efficient. Plus, you can choose from models designed to work with high-speed belts of varying widths.

Our technicians and engineers are available to provide expert advice and assistance on these products and all of your bulk material handling questions and problems. Please contact us today and let us help!

Conveyor Belt Secondary Cleaners by Martin Engineering on Sketchfab

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Available Models
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Image Product Max Belt Speed Max Belt Width
CleanScrape<sup>®</sup> Secondary Cleaner CleanScrape® Secondary Cleaner 900 fpm (4.6 m/s) Up to 96 in (up to 2400 mm)
SQC2S™ Cleaner SQC2S™ Cleaner 1500 fpm (7.5 m/s) Up to 96 in (up to 2400 mm)
SQC2S™ Reduced Mini Cleaner 750 fpm (3.8 m/s) Up to 72 in (up to 1829 mm)
DT2S Reversing Cleaner DT2S Reversing Cleaner 900 fpm (4.6 m/s) Up to 120 in (up to 3048 mm)
DT2H Reversing Cleaner XHD DT2H Reversing Cleaner XHD 1200 fpm (6.1 m/s) Up to 120 in (up to 3048 mm)
Durt Hawg® DH2 Cleaner Durt Hawg® DH2 Cleaner 750 fpm (3.8 m/s) Up to 96 in (up to 2400 mm)
SQC2S™ Cleaner STS™ SQC2S™ Cleaner STS™ 1500 fpm (7.5 m/s) Up to 96 in (up to 2400 mm)

Martin® Forever Belt Cleaner Guarantee

We are so confident in the performance of our belt cleaners that we proudly offer the industry's first Forever Belt Cleaner Guarantee, an exclusive offer available for current Martin® replacement blade customers. We will provide Martin® replacement tensioners and mainframes for any belt cleaner assemblies as required – whether the ones we're replacing were manufactured by us or not – absolutely free of charge for as long as we have a service relationship including FREE blade installation, tensioning, and hardware upgrades, helping to maintain maximum performance and keeping your belt cleaning system running in like new condition – FOREVER!

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