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Train Your Personnel For Better Belt Conveyor Performance and Safety

Foundations Training workshops train your plant operating and maintenance personnel and engineers about belt conveyors  how they work and how to make them work better. From a Basic Introduction to belt conveyors and safety to an Advanced Training option for your skilled and experienced members, Martin will share our 70 years of experience and research with your team members. You can't afford not to educate your team with Martin!

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Looking for in-depth information on railcar unloading? Our brochure includes products and systems to improve the process.
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Looking for in-depth information on truck vibrators? Our brochure includes mobile vibration products for any application.
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Cougar® DC Truck Vibrators

Cougar patented the world's first 12-volt truck vibrator in 1964. We continue to make the most rugged, reliable truck vibrators on the market.

For breast cancer awareness/research, we are donating $50 to Susan G. Komen Cancer Foundation for each limited-edition pink truck vibrator purchased during the month of October. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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