Torsion VPlow Plus

Mounted with a unique suspension, the Torsion VPlow Plus rises and falls with fluctuations in belt tension and travel. This makes it self-adjusting for effective cleaning in all stages of blade wear. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple Two-Point Center Mount Suspension maximizes flexibility to accommodate belt changes
  • Constant Positive Pressure prevents plow from lifting off belt and allowing material to pass through
  • Modular Design bolts together for easier installation
  • One-Piece Urethane Nose provides easy replacement and long-lasting urethane life
  • Longer Wear Life - 1-inch thick urethane side blades for longer wear and lower friction
  • Rugged Frame Construction built for the toughest applications and provides the ballast for blade tension
  • Low Profile allows for installation in tight spaces

Torsion Plow - CPVTAS48XXXSXX by Martin Engineering on Sketchfab
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Tech Data Sheet - Torsion VPlow Plus Download
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